Crystal and Kitiara are a pair of women who offer crafts and services for those who walk alternative spiritual paths. Crystal offers divination using tarot and other methods, guided meditations and reiki healing sessions. Together, Crystal and Kitiara provide spiritual mentoring, wellness and enrichment classes. In addition to these wonderful services, Kitiara also designs and sells wands, walking staffs and wooden plaques. These wooden crafts are designed to add simple tools and energy to your ritual and home spaces.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pagan Pride Day Preparations

Today the 10x10 tent came in the mail for our booth at CNCPPD....better known as Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day!

Central NC Pagan Pride Day is a chapter of the international Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization. We foster pride in Pagan identity, and try to reduce prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs, all through education, activism, charity and community.
You can find information about the event at

We will be hosting a vending booth, selling Kitiara's wood crafts, offering Crystal's divination services and potentially some Reiki sessions, and offering information and appointments for our other wonderful services.

We are going to be located past the ritual circle and music stage, by the food and restrooms.

We are currently working on brochures to hand out, and business cards are on the way!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Current Events

Recently both Crystal and Kitiara have been working hard to come up with ideas to assist clients.

Kitiara has come up with plans for decorative plaques and altar accessories, including wooden cauldron plates to protect delicate altar clothes from the heat of flame rituals and new wands and staffs.

Crystal has been working on her clarity of mind to assist clients with Reiki healing and divinations.

Together, they are working on creating workshops to walk people through healing journeys, walking the mystical path to finding oneself and bringing to the surface the person we hide from the world, embracing that person, and letting him/her shine!

Possible workshops for the future:

Nurturing oneself.
Embracing the God/Goddess within.
Finding balance in chaos.
Guided meditation.

A three part series workshop currently in the works:

Series: Finding, Feeding and Harvesting Hidden Potential
Part 1: Planting the seeds of hidden potential through meditation and visualization
Part 2: Nurturing hidden potential through daily self care and careful planning
Part 3: Harvesting the fruits of hidden potential through conscious action

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sorry about the lack of, well, anything, at the moment.

This is a new web page, and will most likely go through a thousand changes...